Welcome to Ascendio.net

By Observer ao - Posted Jul 30, 18


Welcome everyone to the offical launch of Ascendio.net. 

To those who do not know yet about Ascendio, we are going to be a Minecraft Harry Potter server based in the year 1700. This server is the first of its kind exploring such an early timeline, as most other servers of our same category explore the Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts or the Next Generation.

Ascendio will take you back to 1700. This was before Hogwarts Express was used. The Ministry of Magic isn't founded yet with instead in place the noble and most ancient Wizards Council. Unforgivable curses are legal, and it is common place to see street dueling for pretty much no reason at all. 

This story will take you to the Wizarding Great Britian of 1700s and along that many popular locations from the Harry Potter films brought to you in Minecraft form. Explore Askaban before it was a prison. Tour Hogwarts before plumbing was invented. Explore what would one day become the Ministry of Magic (Wizards Council). Go Shopping at Diagon Alley. Rent a shop in Hogsmeade. Buy housing in various wizarding villages. 

Like other similar servers you will get to live the life of a Hogwarts student. Get sorted, take classes, gain house points and become the best witch or wizard you can become. 

Ascendio as a server isn't ready yet. But that doesn't mean you cannot get involved. Staff Applications will be open soon and our popular discord is full of eager people awaiting to give advice and help on how we can make Ascendio the absolute best it possibly can be. 

This Adventure begins now, Ascendio will be the place where you can truly ascend to new heights. We are looking forward to this great privilege of going on this amazing journey with you. 

Chief of Wizards Council 
Hogwarts Headmaster